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Elgin, Illinois

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The circle inside our logo contains the 4 areas of our purpose.

"Our mission is to produce motion pictures, merchandise, and technology that educate game changers."

MOTION PICTURES We define motion pictures as any combinations of pictures that move. This would include feature films, documentaries, short films, television series, web based programming, and videos. We create original content as well as adaptations from real life stories.

TECHNOLOGY We are inventors. We create technology from engineered mechanical items to original developed software applications that in some way are targeted to improve your life or provide entertainment.

MERCHANDISE We create things to wear and use. We conceptualize and manufacture merchandise that enhance the message of our films or technology. The 8 in our logo as a shape is a symbol of infinity and has also been defined as a number of new beginnings. We aim to create content that establishes new fresh beginnings that can be appreciated until the end of time. Life, Camera…Action.

EDUCATION We aim to educate game changers through what we do. Workshops, trainings and curriculum development is our speciality. Our focus is creativity and the arts. We consider game changers those individuals that are purposed to make a difference in their world. The artist, the creator, and even the single mom with an idea. We want to arm the world with tools to empower them to be better and create better.

We have been in the industry since 2004.

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