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Scottsdale, Arizona

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My name is Erika Huennekens and I just graduated in May from the University of Arizona with a BA in Psychology and thematic minor in Communications, Anthropology, and Culture Studies. I am a very social being who succeeds when working with other people! It has always been one of my ambitions to find a position with a company I feel is oriented towards my interests and keeps me motivated in an evolving environment. I definitely have the potential to bring many exceptional qualities to my employer. I am an extremely adaptable, hard-working woman, who will go above and beyond what is required of me to get something done. Furthermore, I have been put in high-pressure situations, which have given me the ability to maintain great communication skills and work well with others in a team setting. Other important qualities I posses include being extremely organized, creative, reliable, and respectful. I believe that having these qualities make it much easier to productively accomplish anything thrown my way. I am an outgoing individual who thrives when new opportunities and possibilities present themselves.

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