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Salt Lake City, Utah

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Filmmaker and photographer with a nine-year background in the digital advertising and film production space. I'm very passionate about imagery and the meaning/emotion it conveys. I have a deep skill set in storytelling—with extensive experience in video direction and production, storyboarding, treatment, script and copywriting.

From diesel mechanic working my way through a philosophy degree to copywriter pitching big ideas in the advertising world, I'm a distinctive, visual creative who’s certainly no stranger to hard work or a unique story.

I picked up my first camera in my mid-20s and have had my eye through a viewfinder ever since. Soon after I began making music videos for prominent indie bands, but my hunger for visual storytelling eventually transformed my path from copywriter to full-time filmmaker and photographer.

I’ve directed strategic, story-driven video and photo work for national brands, documentaries and commercials in the outdoor, fashion, sports, healthcare and wellness industries, as well as directed and produced music videos for large bands and record labels.

My commercial work has been shown throughout the US. My short film work has won awards in international film festivals. And my music video work has garnered over 1M views in online presence.

I pride myself in directing and producing abstract, moody, humanity-driven work that deeply connects people to the brands and artists I’m representing on a one-on-one, visceral level.



We have been in the industry since 2013.

Added on 10/16/2020
official music video for RAZZMATAZZ - I DON'T KNOW HOW BUT THEY FOUND ME. this music video was shot on old-school vhs cameras and green screen, digitized right on set. the whole vibe is a throwback and was a blast from the past to work on.

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