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850,000+ gallon water tank filming facility in operation within the LA Studio Zone; available for short or long-term location rentals. No noise nor bright light restrictions 24/7. Certified safety divers & underwater cinematography specialists available. Oscar-winning VFX Supervisor Gene Warren, Jr. for scale models, miniatures, underwater, elements & pyrotechnics. Serving the cinematic community beginning with the film VIRUS in 1997, the tank has hosted numerous feature, TV, commercial, music & print clients: BOURNE ULTIMATUM, CASE 39, CSI, COLD CASE, AT&T, RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS & VANITY FAIR.

VIRUS - Behind the Scenes Water Work
Added on 5/26/2011

behind the scenes night shoot at the F2 water tank filming facility during filming of the 1999 feature film VIRUS

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