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Forever Current Studios is a production studio and marketing agency focused on creative design, commercial advertising, film production, music production, photography, digital marketing, and building one-of-a-kind brands. Be it corporate launches, start up projects, tv production, or talent management, we created Forever Current to accommodate productions, and marketing campaigns of any magnitude. Rejecting words like “impossible,” our dynamic team of visionaries, directors, and marketing specialists, has every intention of making it happen for you, and your business. As with any sport, a championship team has the backing of a great coach, and in the arena of production and marketing, Forever Current will hand you the playbook, and be your quarterback all in one.

Our facilities include a professional music production studio for recording, mixing and mastering commercial quality compositions, as well as an independent record label, offering an in-house team of sound engineers, producers, musicians, songwriters, recording artists, management, publishing, distribution, and performance showcases.

Your brand's development will be overseen by our marketing executives who provide professional business or product evaluations, market analysis, business plans, and creative marketing campaigns, as well as a team for social media management, on staff graphic and web designers, photography, print, and PR management. With our unique hands on approach to your business, you will receive the most effective, innovative, and highly personalized marketing campaign to propel your brand's culture forward.

When your vision incorporates film and video, our full time film director, producer, editors, and cinematographers will materialize your vision via script writing, story boarding, casting, location scouting, principal photography, all the way through post production or special effects. The Forever Current team is the embodiment of passionate, published creative professionals, from all walks of life, experienced in today’s most cutting edge programs and tools; who stand ready to harness the power of your production's full potential.

We have been in the industry since 2008.

Forever Current Film Reel
Added on 12/6/2016

A show reel of our cinematography and film production works.

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