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Actor, Producer, Director, Writer. PA I LOVE this industry.

Geoffrey Gilbert was born in Florida to Bonny and Jud Gilbert. Although raised all over the US, Geoffrey considers San Jose, California his home. In High School Geoffrey was very involved in extra curricular activities. He lettered athletically in Football, Baseball, Tennis and Diving while acting in theater and playing the Trumpet, Baritone and Tuba in the schools Orchestra, Concert, Jazz and Marching Bands. After eight years in the Air Force, Geoffrey spent the next 20+ years in the electrical as an Electrician, Estimator and Project Manager. His favorite hobbies are Medieval Armored Combat and Golf.
Being a newcomer to Hollywood has not deterred Geoffrey in the slightest. He is bringing years of experience and professionalism to Hollywood that will once again allow him to be highly successful.

I have been in the industry since 2014.

Geoffrey Gilbert Drama Reel
Added on 8/4/2017
Selected scenes from dramatic roles.

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