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Well, I am A Fort Worth based Location Sound mixer and Post Production Audio and Video editor! I love it because I get to see a lot more of what makes the country function than most people do. I also love sound and everything that makes it function from both a technological and physics standpoint. I am married and have 2 kids and my hobbies include singing, gaming (particularly Super Smash Brothers and RPGS) and I really just love storytelling in all of its forms. (Particularly, Anime and some Western Animated stories. Lately, it’s been My Hero Academia and Into the Spider-Verse.) I have a heart for helping people be understood and to help others understand them and want to bridge that gap between folks. This is probably one of the things I love most about storytelling since stories are one of the best ways to understand the perspective of others. For me, doing video and audio editing is a big expression of that love and a way that I can help others genuinely communicate the message they have to others and to assist others in hearing that message.

I have been in the industry since 2021.

Dallas Jenkins Interview (What "The Chosen," is and isn't.)
Added on 6/13/2022
This was an interview between Dallas Jenkins, Director of the Chosen," and Ruslan, a professional YouTuber. I enjoyed their discussion but thought there were parts of it that could have been cut down into a shorter video out of their hour-ish long interview and chose this specific question to form a shorter video around with Ruslan's permission. I then gave a copy of the video to him to use for whatever purposes he needed and added this to my sample set with his approval.

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