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Maple, Ontario

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Currently, I have finished a postgraduate certificate in Visual Effects for Film and Television at Seneca College. Prior to entering Seneca College, I had completed a contract at Bardel Entertainment where I worked as a Compositing Assistant on the 2-D animated series “Chaotic” for Fox Kids and 4 Kids. My responsibilities included preparing After Effects files for Compositors to use for the process of visual effects compositing. I also rendered, composited and applied visual effects to certain scenes in this animated series.

In the past, I have worked as a Production Assistant for Smiley Guy studios, where I worked on the 2-D animated series “Odd Job Jack” and “Sons of Butcher” for Comedy Network and Smiley Guy Studios. In addition, I have worked at Bullseye Productions as a Production Assistant on the 3-D animated series “Monster Warriors” for YTV, JETIX (Euro Disney) and Coneybear Productions. Through my professional experiences and postgraduate certificate at Seneca College, I have the knowledge, training and experience to succeed in your organization as a Compositor and to progress further in the visual effects field.

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