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Skill Set: Audio for Video & Stream, Live Event Audio-Visual, Audio Production, Video Production, Exhibit Supports, Project Management, Client Side Liaison, Crew Chief/Steward, Creative and Writing

As of 2019 I will have 41 years of well rounded experience in the AV & Video Industries. I founded Independent AV & Video, Inc, in 2008, after starting my business in 1992. I have a strong set of skills around working and managing live events. I have hundreds of hours operating Audio & Video for Corporate events in Hotel and Convention Center Venues, as well as being Technical Director & Project Manager. I am a fixture in Houston Live Event Audio Visual. Our company works wholesale for most of the Large Production Companies, like CT, AVP, & PRG. Yet, we have a portfolio of Organizations that are what we call, "High Frequency Users" of Multi-Media. For these we provide solutions designed to push messaging from leadership through the company and all the way down to the Crafts.

As I also have extensive experience in Video Production, I am a natural pick for Audio for Video in Live Events. In other words I understand Gain Structure and Signal to Noise ratios. I can do a good job on Video Camera both On-line and in ENG/EFP settings, and I am steady with a Box (long) Lens.

Hired to Manage or Direct projects, I have a very disciplined, rather meticulous style, leaving little to surprise. For example, I'm not the guy that goes into red ink because of bad weather on scheduled shooting days. That's what contingency plans are for.

These are my strong points. I'm not an L1, but I understand lighting for Film, Video, and Still Photography. I am currently seeking a training opportunity around Intelligent Lighting. A big believer in Cross Pollination of knowledge, I love to be a Contract Operator for Production Businesses and Broadcasters, however, I am not just a Freelancer, I am an Incorporated business and we have a CPA firm to manage Tax & Payroll responsibilities.

We have crew available, that are paid through ADP. We have working relationships with other Labor Companies nationwide and do well working alongside Union personnel. Where we need rigging, we use Union riggers exclusively. Our company provides insurance, including Health Care. For me, Operations keeps my skill set tweaked and I get experience on a variety of equipment.

Other paid experience I have includes Conceptualization, Script Writing, Labor Coordination, Power Point on both Mac and PC platforms, Still Photography, Project Management, Budgets, and Client Side Coordination. I am seeking Barco 4K Video Event Master Certification.

I'm your guy if you need someone who can take care of clients, that the last guy you hired, messed up on. I get along very well with Senior Executive types and CEOs. With years of live CME under my belt, I am very good with Teaching Doctors. I am recognized in the Oil Patch a regular at CERAWeek, OTC, and several branded Energy and Petroleum events

You can put me around A-List celebrities, and I keep composure and professionalism. Where I don't like being, is in a place where people look at what I do as just a necessary evil or there is that guy in charge, that doesn't treat people respectfully. (You know the type)

We hand pick our clients and they must be serious about my part of the Program. A multi-generation Texan and Rancher, my Cowboy upbringing me makes me the guy that will level with you. My Dad was a WW2 hero who became a Physicist and taught me to never settle for average. I was blessed with great mentors. To this end, if I don't believe I'm the guy for the job you have, tell you, and even try to help you find someone who can. I can pull my own share of the weight, but I am not looking to be is just a Loader. That's for younger guys.

I am a serious professional man, but I have good team skills and am a good fit with most people. I get along with Millennials as easily as I do Older guys like me. All of us started as newbies, no matter how great we are now. I have years of experience working with Teaching Doctors & PhD's from NASA, Lawyers, Engineers, Executives of all Stripes and World Class Entrepreneurs. So, I can work well with ego intensive, yet brilliant types. What we all have in common, is we want to look good in front of the people that trust us with a piece of work.

We have various partners including Language Interpretation, IT, Finance, Production, Logistics, Labor, Law, and Realtors.

If you have a project in Houston Texas, I can help. I have experience in it's Venues, and have worked with most of the Senior Techs and Master Techs. I know the AV & Video communities and proud to be a part of both. I also know "where the bodies are buried" Vis A Vi, Venues! I'm a good guy to have on the crew when you arrived minus a critical piece of gear on the trucks, because I know who to call.

I absolutely love what I do and the preeminent people and entities we do it for, and are blessed to work with. I bring passion, and a quest for excellence in what I do. Our business is developing over 108 different income buckets in 3 pricing structures, that include Content Creation, Consulting, Events,IT, Installs, and Sales. I am proud to be a Media Solutions Entrepreneur, but I love to work with our Media, AV, and Production colleagues. In fact if you are in Town, let me know you are here, even if you don't have a spot for me, so if something gets crazy, you have a local guy, standing by to lend a hand. Have a Great Show and get some Barbecue or Tex-Mex.

We have been in the industry since 1992.

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