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As a casting director I work directly for studios and production companies, and their agencies function as a functioning as a between for the Director, Producer and Talent. I also sometimes work on a freelance basis, charging a set fee for each production in which they're involved. They must possess strong interpersonal and communication abilities, because they work closely with producers, directors, writers, casting agents and talent agencies. Being a casting director also requires a flexible schedule, because the job requires long hours and often frequent travel to find talent or meet with producers, directors and other key production staff.

I read scripts and collaborate with producers, directors and writers to create breakdown notices, which are brief descriptions of the physical attributes, skills and experience sought in actors to portray particular characters. I collaborate with other casting assistants, casting directors submit these breakdown notices to agents and talent agencies. I network with Casting directors then receive actors' headshots and resumes, which they think might fit certain roles and then go through to select the most qualified actors and schedule them for auditions, often with the help of casting assistants.

I wear several hats and I make sure all of the requirements of the casting call is met and the tapes and discs are sent to the Producer asap.

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