About Me

As an aspiring director and a current film student, my passions are to not only indulge in the arts but to bring the arts into the visual capacity of those who partake in the same love and enjoyment. It is my personal belief that creativity is one of the most unique self expressions of ones being. When you discover the ability within your self to ochestrate great ideas and thoughts you inspire and motivate others to dream and have hope.

In the years of my experience I have developed the ability to compartmentalize. As a creative development specialist, I have aquired a keen eye which allows me to not only have a sound mind but allows me utilize the tools provided to envision, capture, and expose the beauty of the arts.

Ultimately, as I continue to develop my skill, it is my desire to bring innovative ideas to the areas of film, television, and various media outlets. I will be relentless and ever eager to make sure that the longevity of the arts will consistently be renewed and established. I hope to one day leave a very strong, wise, and confident legacy of specialist by and through my current and future mentoring of those who are ambitious about the arts.

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