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Jürgen Alan
A Proposal of Value The Man:

From art scholarship student, via conscription, into one of South Africa’s elite forces. From the front of an easel, to behind enemy lines. After two-and-a-half years in Death’s company he emerged, a survivor, from deadly bush warfare.
Born from all this, is a creative spirit of tempered steel, and a man who understands the meaning and joy of the essence of life.
A human being whose depth and breadth of insight into the human psyche few others can match. Words like integrity, honesty, courage and commitment are not ideals to Jürgen, but a way of life, because the cost was too high.

The Director:
A highly intelligent and innovative mind, always seeking to illuminate the unifying thread between what is experienced and what it means; a quintessential requisite of a good director.
In addition, he is able to convey the essence of his vision to others, through the medium of his craft; another quintessential requisite.
Jürgen’s genuine warmth, passion and empathy, draws the best out of people. Under his direction actors and production crews, in whatever format, give of their best because they want to, not because they have to. Jürgen leads by example.

Jürgen has come up through the ranks, runner to director, from lighting and sound, to copy writing and editing; he understands the nuts and bolts. He knows what the limits are and how to push them, and due to his unique outlook and lateral thought processes, sometimes to simply eradicate them.
An example is the patent he holds on the transfer of digitally manipulated media onto film which gives better definition, in less time, at a fraction of the cost. (L.A.U.R.A.Process)

In response to outdated industry processes and the current economic crisis, he has developed a client conscious, cost efficient, streamlined new business model. (Tri-directive Radial Approach)

In keeping with his philosophy, Jürgen gives back to his industry. He mentors, trains and guides young talent that he unearths, creating a new generation of young, innovative and passionate directors.
He is also in the process of establishing a film school in Newfoundland.

The Results:
• Twenty-two years hard-earned, successful, international experience with film, animation, commercial advertising, music video’s and documentaries.
• The understanding of what quality is and the ability to produce it, time after time, despite budget constraints.
• Calmness and clarity under pressure, hands on capability and the knack of rapidly turning problems into progress.
• The self-assuredness to be able to listen to and implement good ideas, wherever and from whomever they might arise.
• Budget consciousness and pragmatism. The ability to draw on years of tradecraft to come up with simple solutions without compromising quality, that don’t rely on expensive technology, for those seemingly impossible shots.
• The experience to know that meticulous planning, in close co-operation with client or production team, is proactive, cost efficient and time saving.
• The professional dedication to understand and keep abreast of technological advancements in the media field. Ongoing experimentation of how to implement such advancements for the benefit of clients and their goals.
• Enormous energy, ingrained integrity, honesty and passion. Zest for life, warmth and empathy. Love of innovation and technology. Skill and experience. Deep insight into humanity. A unique blend from a unique background.

Over fifty music video productions, including these top artists:
Nelson Lee (x2) Tusk Records Joe Shirimani
Johnny Clegg (x2) Look South Records Little Sister
Q-Cumba Zoo (x3) David Gresham Mel Vondrau
Dr House (x2), Polygram BMG Music
Penny Penny Shandel Music UK International
Jürgen's history reels include close to 100 commercial productions for various local and international client brands,
to mention just a few:
Olympus Cameras Young & Rubicam Shield Ladies Deodorant
Stuttafords Jupiter Drawing Room PPC Cement
Ego deodorant J.Walter Thompson J.Walter Thompson
Pedigree Grey Advertising The Ad Café
Hilton Hotel Group Gendel Advertising
Fanta Germany Nesquik Germany Harpic UK
Alpello Istanbul Anadolu Istanbul Rabea Tea Saudi Arabia
New Face South Africa
DIRECTOR:A 20 min. documentary covering the annual ‘Miss New Face’ modeling competition
Minouche Kaftel Russia
DIRECTOR:A 35 min. documentary covering her tour in Russia
Michelle Chappell America
DIRECTOR:A 20 min. behind-the scenes of the making of her music video

Nampak Packaging Darbel
South African Breweries Unilever Group
Escom Avroy Shlain Cosmetics
Link Pharmaceutical
Wandering Spirit Aim Productions
1st Assistant Director/Supervising Editor
Recluse Aim Productions
1st Assistant Director/Supervising Editor
Others, in various capacities, include:
The Gods Must Be Crazy Final Alliance
Scavengers Ninja 3
Journey to the Center of the Earth Gor
Last Cowboy
96 min. feature
Writer/Director/Storyboard Artist
106 min. feature
Writer/Director/Storyboard Artist
90 min. feature

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