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K 5600, Inc manufactures compact, versatile daylight balanced lighting fixtures for the television, photographic, and motion pictures markets.

K5600 Lighting - IBC 2014
Added on 9/19/2014
An interview from the 2014 International Broadcasting Convention in Amsterdam with Marc Galerne of K5600 Lighting. K5600 is a manufacturer of HMI lighting instruments and ready to go kits for the motion picture and television industry. In this interview Marc talks with us about their Evolution 200w two-light kit. The new Evolution two-light kit from K5600 Lighting consists of a new Alpha 200W and a new Joker Bug 200 Evolution head, both of which are designed to use either a 5600K or 3200K bulb newly-developed by SLI. The kit is designed to provide for a wide variety of needs, with a choice of accessories possible for both lights. The Alpha 200W is configured with a removable Fresnel lens, which produces the classic light quality expected of Fresnels, but with the Fresnel lens removed, its Open Face configuration is perfect for creating hard shadows. It can also be turned into a precise profile light for projecting gobos using a quickly set up accessory. The Joker Bug 200 Evolution makes use of all the existing accessories of the Joker family, including Lightbanks, Lanterns, and Softubes. As K5600 wants to introduce the lights to a broader user base, the kit is competitively priced, and starts at €3,337, depending on accessories selected. Also new is K5600’s Zoom Beamer 800W, which is similar to the existing 1600W Zoom Beamer with a facetted open-face style reflector. It is compact and lightweight, and manually focusable to 10-50º of smooth, even light. It will fit any existing Joker Bug 800. For more information on all of these products please visit : http://www.K5600Lighting.com

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