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I'm Katie Waters, a Foley Artist in Chicago at a sound facility called Noisefloor. I'm always listening, observing, creating noise, and collecting unique objects off the street to use to create the perfect sound one day while recording custom sound effects in sync to picture. I've picked up anything from creeky chairs, big pieces of concrete, and tires to collect. What is someone's trash is probably my treasure that I'm about to get real giddy about. If I were to think back about when my skillset started for foley, I'd have to say when I was a around 12 years old I started acting. At the time my school did not have theater, but they had a speech or performance art program where you would either perform a monologue or dialogue with a school mate and there were competitions where you would perform the monologue in front of judges. I performed in that program for two years and while it was nervewrecking it was so much fun to be someone else and memorize lines. It was hard work. When I got into high school, there were 2 plays a year and I acted in each one. I played sports too, specifically basketball and softball, but by my junior and senior year theater was what I was more passionate about and felt more in tune with. What's my favorite part about foley? I love movement passes. While most foley mixers find movement uneventful compared to props or footsteps, to me, movement is what brings the character in a story to life and the audience can feel the character move throughout the scene. Especially in a comedic dance scene. If you are able to hear a character move when they are dancing, it is far more funny than not having any movement sound present. Aside from movement, happy accidents in foley sessions (like the way I perform a prop and it falls or slides accidentally), but it happens to sound how exactly how it should, that's a win for the story.

I have been in the industry since 2012.

Foley for Video Game
Added on 11/16/2019
Performing foley for video game cinematic

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