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My name is Kelsey Mariani. I am a graduate of Emerson College with a BA in digital post production, currently living in Everett, MA. Over my college career and beyond, I worked in many film and post-production jobs, and have held three internships at prominent production companies, most notably HBO Archives and Sony Colorworks. In these jobs, as well as some of my others, I have worked in and around Final Cut Pro, Avid and other editing work, such as tape-to-tape and non-linear editing, digitizing, scheduling, organization and recording and editing audio files as well as video. Having also worked in customer service for five years, I am extremely detail oriented, organized and able to work efficiently under deadlines.

During my most recent position at Career Academy in Needham, MA, I worked predominantly in digital editing, putting together various online educational courses. In addition to editing the footage for these courses, I also worked with chroma key to finalize the clips. I then built the shell that the finished clips would be imported to before the course was distributed. Finally, I did some additional studio work, directing and shooting the raw footage for the courses.

Additionally, during my junior year of college, I was the producer of my final film project, a short film titled "Inside the Lines". This project was one that was conceived and finished in full within one semester. My duties as producer for this project included obtaining shooting permits in Andover, MA, securing shooting locations, renting and transporting equipment, casting talent and crew, purchasing and confirming insurance, and managing my teams limited finances, to name a few. I have provided a link to the final project below.

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