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Tallahassee, Florida

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It has been my good fortune and pleasure to have worked continuously in production since college. In 2000 I formed my own company and it's added a whole new and enjoyable dimension to my profession. Here's what we offer:
• Concept Development
• Scripting
• Production
• Multi-Camera Live Event Webcasting
• Postproduction
• Media Encoding
• DVD Authoring
• Videography
• Teleprompter rental, 17-inch High Bright with Operator
• Field Audio
• Media Management
• Closed Captioning

We have been in the industry since 1977.


Added on 12/29/2014

Porche de Solomon

My friends Lloyd and Melanie Monroe run a charitable ministry in Panajachel, Guatemala. Their focus is primarily humanitarian aid for the Mayan people. House building, medical/dental, substance abuse…

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Porche de Solomon
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Corridors of Life: The St. Andrew Bay Watershed (Excerpt)
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2009 North Florida Fair Spot
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The Florida Association of Colleges and Universities
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Museum of Florida History
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The American Association of State Troopers
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LeMoyne at 50
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Eagle Connections at Tallahassee Community College
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Tallahassee Community College International Student Services


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Sony PXW FS5 Camcorder with zoom and prime lenses Premiere Pro CC 17-inch Daylight Capable Teleprompter Atomos Ninja Blade ProRes 422 HDMI Recorder Sound Devices 302 mixer with Sennheizer MHK-60 shotgun and Letrosonics Wireless System


Lee is the best! Super knowledgeable and great to work with.

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