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Lipke Productions is an independent film production company founded by group of student filmmakers. The company has produced numerous short films, and three feature length films over the past 5 years.

We specialize in film (short and feature length) but can also do music videos, commercials, and other video production needs. Lipke Productions is a full production company, able to do work in pre-production, production, and post-production work including writing, planning, casting, funding, budgeting, filming, directing, producing, acting, editing, and sound design.

Also experience in Environmental Sciences field- for documentary/eduction purposes.

Please contact Director Matt Lipke with any inquires! We'd love to help produce your next video project!

Lipke Productions - "Helping solve your low budget needs with professional standards!"


Elixir (feature Length) - Premiered at Merrill's Roxy Cinemas in Burlington, VT (May 1st, 2015). The film continued to run at the theater for 1 week (4 shows/day). Elixir is now being prepared for it's festival run.

A Demon In My View (feature length) - Premiered at The Hollywood Theater in Syracuse, NY (July 2013). Now available for screenings nation wide via Tugg.com

Whiskey Hollow (feature length) - Premiered at the Palace Theater in Syracuse, NY (January 2012). Now available on DVD and digital copy.

Room 918 (short) - Winner of Judge's Pick for Best Narrative Film and Winner of Audience's Pick for Best Film (University of Vermont Film Festival 2013)

Truth (short) - Runner-up at the University of Vermont Film Club Contest (December 2012)


Evangeline (Music Video): Now in Post-Production!

We have been in the industry since 2010.

A Demon In My View (2013) -Official Teaser Trailer
Added on 1/21/2013
A Demon In My View is a psychological thriller inspired by the life and works of Edgar Allan Poe about a disturbed college student struggling with her tragic past. A Demon In My View is a small, student produced feature length film. It was produced in Syracuse, NY with a budget of around $5,000. It was filmed completely using a Canon 60D with a EF 24-105 mm L lens. Lipke Productions is the small production company that produced the movie with it's producers Matthew Lipke, Erin Doyle, Aaron Stolicker, and Matthew Keim. Currently, the film is in post-production. SYNOPSIS: Leah, a freshman at Nolan University, is struggling through life, haunted by memories of her tragic past. 10 years prior, her parents were brutally murdered. The only clue left behind by the shadowy murderer was a quote by Edgar Allan Poe. Now, people in Leah's life are dying mysterious deaths, and once again Edgar Allan Poe poems are left at the crime scenes. Has the Dark Figure from Leah's past come back to haunt her yet again? Leah must make the connection between her past and her present, and learn to trust her instincts once again before it is too late. In select theaters this summer!

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