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Farmington, Connecticut

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MFA in Fim and video Production. More than 5 years experience in video production. Professional Knowledge of film and video production from writing the script to the final edit of the film. Skilled at directing and editing.

TV Shows and news: Experienced in executing live-news and TV shows. Experienced in editing news items and slide shows. Professional Photographer, Translating Arabic-English.

Lost Reveille
Added on 4/12/2016
"Lost Reveille," directed by Majdi Ammari, stars Coleman Hough. Screening 8:30 p.m. Wednesday June 13 at Lindley Hall 321, on S. Court St. at President St., Ohio University, Athens, OH 45701. A timely, dramatic short film. Running time: 30 minutes. Out of her obsessive love, Susan Frame tries to prevent her soldier son from deploying to Iraq.

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