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My personal relationship with design.
We are immersed in a world of design and my love for design affects the way I choose my devices, coffee shops, furniture, where I shop for my groceries, the vehicles I drive, as well as the magazines I read, concerts I go to, and travel destinations. For example, I choose to go to the Wiltern to see live performances over the Staples Center because of my love for art deco architecture and it's striking appearance, as well as my preference for more intimate spaces. The vehicle I drive is a boxy, silver car I often refer to as the toaster. I choose the Redwoods over Las Vegas for vacations. Even though the built environment there is spectacular, the Redwoods represent to me a love for natural environments, sustainability, and a green-future ethos.

Yesterday, I picked up a magazine at the bookstore because of it's layout, use of typography and choice of colors for the cover design. Fresh and Easy is one of the grocery stores I frequent because they have done a fabulous job with their packaging which makes is simple, clean, a cohesive brand.

I am a huge believer in brand design and that strongly sways my daily choices but most importantly allows me effectively design at the consumer and retail level.

Tribute Video to Frieda Caplan
Added on 7/30/2013
The video is a tribute video to Frieda Caplan who was the first woman to run a produce company. The tribute is to her and her company of 50 years. Interviewed are Christine Hefner at the Playboy Mansion, Linda and Stewart Resnick of Roll Global, Russ Parsons of the L.A Times and more.

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