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We Produce Investor DVD-Investor Kits and Publish Educational DVDs

The Goal of a Good Investor Kit and Investor DVD is to highlight the Management Team, define your Profit Centers and define the Corporate Growth Plan and goals of the Marketing Plan. The Investor Kit and Corporate DVD-Video are highly versatile marketing tools that can enhance corporate branding needed to raise Red D Private Capital or Venture Capital Funding.

...Investor Video Package

$500...100 Copies DVD * 100 Investor Kits

$350...25 Copies DVD * 25 Investor Kits


Would you like to have a DVD Published ? We create Video DVD programs that provide unique teaching opportunities - bringing Business Experts and their resources to the general public. Evans Video Publishing will shoot and publish your 60-120 Minute Educational DVD Free.

50% / 50% Profit Split.

When producing a video and DVD there are a lot of things you have to consider. The following information will help you prepare yourself to make your production process go smoothly.

The first thing you have to plan is the Subject and Information that will be presented. The Viewer expect to be infomed and entertained. The more time you put into planning and organizing your project, the potential for success becomes greater.

The price of production varies based on time, locations, talent, equipment and production value. The more involved the DVD, the more the production will cost.

We are investing our resources on your project.

We expect you to be able to present you 60-120 Minute package on the First Take!

Your Dress must be Professional, NO REDS or White Shirts or jackets. Light Blue or Yellow.

Always leave yourself a time cushion for those little unforeseen problems.

Our professional production companies is ready to help with the planning of your DVD production. We have the resources and professional knowledge to help pull all of these elements together.

When interviewing production companies, ask to see samples of work they have produced. Ask for references and follow up on those references to see how the company performed. Meet with the people that will be involved on the project.

It is very important that you are comfortable and able to communicate with the people working on the project. Your production will consist of three phases, pre-production, production and post-production. The pre-production phase is where the most time will have to be spent.


We have been in the industry since 1998.

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