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I have 41 years of audio video operations and production experience. My background includes analysis design and implementation of audio video systems. My previous employers have entrusted me with major responsibilities to which I have quickly adapted. My desire is for full time employment in an organization with an excellent reputation for high standards and integrity in the audio video profession. If you are searching for a conscientious motivated professional company employee please review the enclosed credentials and evaluations.

Marc Gustafson - Satellite Microwave Technician - NBC 6 Mike Dickey and I were colleagues at NBC 6. As Audio Engineer he frequently worked closely with me in my duties as a Satellite Microwave Technician. One of the first qualities I noticed in Mike is his willingness to learn. He has an extensive background in audio and has worked years in television stations. Mike is familiar with the concepts of television production with experience as Technical Director. When NBC 6 purchased a satellite van I was the only Satellite Microwave Technician. When news coverage was needed for an Al Sharpton protest he and I were dispatched to provide a satellite uplink. In five hours Mike understood the concepts of digital satellite news gathering and operation of the satellite van from our conversation and observation. He has learned other television station systems using this process master control and video editing. Mike finds easy and quick solutions to problems. One of his often said phrases How may I assist you? Mike is always willing to make work more productive. He has a positive attitude toward his job. Mike is a valuable asset to any company. Film music news or video he will mold to his venue as a crew member.

Bob Hamilton - Owner - In Focus Video Mike was never late arriving at the studio or show venue. He was always very willing to do whatever was required at the time to help the business delaying lunch getting supplies or overtime. Mike was very helpful with audio sweetening during video editing. He had no previous experience with video editing but he quickly learned the process. I found Mike very honest and trustworthy and would not hesitate to leave him responsible for equipment in the office or at the venue. He has a very healthy respect for equipment that was nurtured during his years of audio video operations and production. Mike often has helpful suggestions regarding equipment organization.

Lee Stridsberg - Producer - NBC 6 Mike is a great engineer to work with. He is always willing to share his insights in audio video operations and production that have been garnered from an impressive career in the profession. Mike can be counted on for effective efficient and timely work. When a catastrophic accident ruined a Panasonic video camera used in news production he was able to quickly craft a solution using only parts from another broken video camera. The immediate turnaround of the video camera was a surprise to everyone especially the unfortunate cameraman who was incredibly pleased to see his equipment back in action so soon. Mike would be a tremendous asset to any company.

Cory Teasley - Technical Director - Blue Heron Productions I Cory Teasley strongly recommend my colleague Mike Dickey for audio engineer master control operator studio design or any position where you can utilize his experience. I have had the pleasure of working with Mike as our audio engineer at Blue Heron Productions. Mike is very knowledgeable of his craft and his experience shines bright. He has rewired our entire audio system and was able to troubleshoot and find issues that were currently a problem and immediately resolve them. Mike Dickey is very professional and a pleasure to work with enlightens others and encourages success. I personally have learned a great deal from Mike and recommend him for any organization who is looking for a awesome employee and crew member.

Jim Zumpano - Owner - Eclipse Audio Mike performed in the most professional and reliable manner. He was always early to work and was willing to stay until the job was completed. At this stage in our development Eclipse was expanding and most of the duties revolved around building another recording studio. Mike was ready to accomplish whatever tasks were at hand and understood the unique requirements of building a studio. His exemplary ability to handle tasks without supervision and ethics are an asset to any company. Mikes duties also required ancillary help with the audio rental business needs of Eclipse. He is always helpful in the daily demands of Eclipse answering phones and equipment organization. Mike displayed ample knowledge of the studio business and the clients involved as well as audio engineering. Our ability to use him was limited due to construction budgetary constraints.
Mike Dickey 570-815-0914

Mike Dickey 570-815-0914

Capabilities Audio Engineer - Satellite Van Operator
Master Control Operator - Technical Director
Video Editor - Cameraman

Experience Everything Audio - San Francisco California
Chuck Feild - Audio Engineering Director 707-334-2552
Audio video professional technical equipment implementation operation organization preparation and selection - Concert music performance show production.

Blue Heron Productions - Chamblee Georgia
Cory Teasley - Technical Director 678-756-4809
Audio technical equipment implementation operation organization preparation and
selection - Mixing music performances for production of professional video recording of remote and studio shows.

Cazby Productions - Norcross Georgia
Tom Darling - Operations Director 404-695-8901
Audio video equipment implementation operation organization preparation and selection -
Professional technical production of remote shows.

NBC 6 - Shreveport Louisiana
Brandon Kunc - Technical Director 318-617-4330
Directed audio operator mixing and technical production of remote and studio shows -
Professional equipment implementation organization and selection - Designed acoustic and isolation treatments for broadcast audio control.

Production Resource - Mount Vernon New York
Dave Strang - Operations Director 914-662-3547
Professional concert audio and video technical equipment organization preparation and
selection for performance and theater shows.

TV 57 WATC - Norcross Georgia
Bob Head - Operations Director 404-775-5940
Designed acoustic and isolation treatments for professional broadcast audio control and studio for production of music performance television shows - Implementation operation and selection of technical equipment.

Eclipse Audio - Atlanta Georgia
Jim Zumpano - Owner 404-351-3589
Multitrack music professional recording studio technical equipment operation and

Salary $40000

I have been in the industry since 1982.

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