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STUDIO SOUND ENGINEER: I have 15+ years experience as a sound engineer / editor in music production and post production. I have worked as an engineer, editor and assistant on music for film, albums and syndicated radio shows. Notable credits include Recording Engineer for the comedy album "Dangerous" (Bill Hicks) and Apprentice Sound Editor for the 1998 film "Velvet Goldmine" (Todd Haynes, producer). Radio production includes "MetalShop" ("the only show with TEETH!") and "Rock Quiz", both for MJI Broadcasting.

I've worked as a stagehand and shop technician for corporate events, trade shows, and music concerts.

As an experienced A/V Broadcast Systems Installer, I’ve worked in many of the top studios in the world: WNBC-TV (NY), WABC-TV (NY), Skywalker Sound, Broadway Video, Sound One and Hit Factory, to name a few. Notable projects include "The Today Show" Studio 1A, and the 1998 Nagano Winter Olympics.

I have been in the industry since 1984.

ROCK QUIZ (radio spot)
Added on 9/26/2012
Rock Quiz: 1:00 minute music quiz concept created by MJI Broadcasting, a leading supplier of syndicated programming to radio. Winner would get radio station SWAG.

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