Nidhi Sachdeva

Scarborough, Ontario

About Me

I am Trebas graduate, age 23. Although I am "new" and "young" to the industry - because I have been a keen learner in my experiences I have built a vast skill-set in the audio world. My experience is summarized below:
- Experienced in mixing and mastering of musical elements to arrange a finished musical product.
- Experienced in recording talent in a professional studio operating a sound board.
- As an engineer I understand signal flow and the importance of the balance of complimentary levels to produce quality sound.
- Experience in live sound (setting up performances for North by North East in Toronto), and recording on a film set as a recordist and technician.
- Having built a solid foundation in my skill-set at Post City Sound I also have a thorough knowledge of Post Production audio regarding editing, mixing, session structures and recording ADR and foley.

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