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Achrafieh- Saydeh St., Beirut- Lebanon
Beirut, Lebanon BP-40042 baabda leba

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Orjouane Productions specializes in the production of films (feature films and medium length) and documentaries. The company regroups three producers who cover all aspects of production while working closely with different Lebanese and European directors.

Orjouane Productions aims to contribute in the development of Lebanon's cinema industry and the emerging of some new Lebanese talented directors. Orjouane Productions develop its film projects, by putting in place the searching for local and international funding, as well as manage the entire preparation (casting, location….) and shooting of films in Lebanon and Middle East (Jordan, Syria…).

Orjouane Productions has co-produced Danielle Arbid’s ''Beirut Hotel'' “In the battlefield”, ''We were Communists'' by Marher Abi Samra, Dima El Horr’s “Everyday is a Holiday” and Jihane Chouaib’s “Pays rêvé”.

The company is also the M.E. line producer of Olivier Assayas’ “Carlos”,
Hany Tamba’s “Melodrama Habibi”, Joseph Fares’s “Zozo”, and Danielle Arbid’s ''Lost Man'' and “Conversations de salon 4,5,6”...

Orjouane Productions specializes also in the production of corporate films and Campaign spots.

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