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Proctor Trivette is experienced in audio for commercial, reality, documentary, film, episodic television, corporate, ENG and EFP. He has the experience and knowledge to capture excellent sound. Proctor is a detailed oriented, creative problem solver, producing high quality sound recording in any environment. He always comes prepared, on time and is easy to be around.

All gear is owned and operated by Proctor. He is able to cater to your specific needs and requests for a sound package (bag and/or cart available) that fits your budget and type of production.

Based in Richmond Virginia, Proctor travels and works all over the world. He is able to work as a local in Washington DC, Charlottesville VA, Williamsburg VA, Norfolk VA, Virginia Beach VA, and the Outer Banks NC. His equipment is travel ready and has a valid passport.

Feel free to contact me with any questions and how I can bring your production to the next level.


Aaton Cantar X3 Recorder
Sound Devices 688 Mixer and Recorder
DPA, Countryman, and Sanken Lavaliers
Schoeps, Sennheiser, and DPA Microphones
DPA and Electro-Voice Handheld Microphones
Comtek Transmitters and Receivers
Denecke TS-C Smart Slate
Betso Timecode Sync Boxes
K-Tek and Ambient Boom Poles
Audio Ltd 2040 Receivers,TX2040 Transmitters and Audio Ltd PTX2040 Plug-On Transmitter
Zaxcom Receivers and Plug-On Transmitter (with recording capability)

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