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2160 C Hills Ave
Atlanta, Georgia 30318


About Us

What is Prop Source?
Prop Source, is the first full service prop house in Atlanta, opening to service the needs of productions filming in the State of Georgia, as well as in North Carolina, South Carolina, Mississippi, Tennessee and Louisiana, where film production is at an all time high. Atlanta is a hub for production in all these states, and provides easy access for shipping goods. We’ll are here to help take some of the pressure off the set decorators.

Where is it located?
Ga. Prop Source will be centrally located at 2160 Hills Ave, Atlanta, GA. 30318. We are located in the Chattahoochee/Atlanta Industrial District. This area is filled with industry related businesses, as well as a shopping district for designers. All types of furniture, lighting, rug, and bedding companies are located around us, not to mention some of the top event companies in Atlanta.

What types of props does it have?
Ga. Prop Source will offer a wide variety of props and set dressing for both set decorators and prop masters
Among the inventory will be:
1) All types of furniture both contemporary and traditions, as well as antiques.
2) Drapery, linens & bedding.
3) Garden and outdoor patio
4) Exterior street…park benches, bus benches, picnic table, large street trash cans, Street lights.
5) Musical instruments including pianos, guitars, drums, & amps.
6) Rugs and floor coverings
7) Lighting…table lamps, floor lamps, wall lamps/sconces, hanging and pendant lights..
8) All types of hand props for prop masters.
9) The largest showroom of accessories of any prop house in Atlanta.
10) Art work…we will offer an extensive line of cleared art work for all types of sets.

What other services does it provide?
Ga. Prop Source will be the only full service prop house in Atlanta. Meaning we will offer a wide variety of the items listed above. In addition we will offer a fully decorated and set up production office, so that a production can just walk in and plug in their phone and computers and go to work. We will also offer storage cages for productions to rent for storing prop, set dressing and flats. Our facility will house the GA. Chapter of the SDSA (Set Decorators Society of America.

Decorators will have a lounge to work out of and have access to research materials as well as catalogs to buy from for their permanent sets. Charging Stations and refreshments to be provided as well.

Other services down the road will include a graphics department for Greeking and creating things like newspapers, magazines, and labels that can be used on screen.
We plan to offer a vendor for layout board and mats for location filing.

We are in negotiations to represent a trucking company to provide truck rentals as well as for delivery of props to other states. We will also rep. other West coast prop houses.

How do I contact Prop Source. See the materials?

Rich or a representative will be on 24 hour call…7 days a week…When shop is closed, emergency calls will be taken by a service,(much like a doctor’s office)and the customer will be contacted by Rich or whoever is on call. As a veteran set decorator, Rich understands their needs, and knows too well how quickly things can change. He knows from experience how sets can be added of a Friday afternoon for a Monday shoot.
Shop will have regular hours of 8am to 5pm, Monday through Friday…but available by appointment on weekends.

We have been in the industry since 2014.

Behind the scenes as we Build PROP SOURCE ...Opening in May
Added on 4/10/2014
This is a quick clip of what has happened in just 4 day as we build out the first Real Prop House in Atlanta Ga. designed and owned by a Set Decorator....For Set Decorators. Will update...we will be renting for we open to help decorators any way we can..

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