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We are a four time Mid-America Regional Emmy® nominated production company. The meaning our name Proximity is “closeness in relationship” which is the area of the company we have loved the most. We love getting to connect with so many different individuals and companies in our city and across the country. We want our clients to not only love their end product, but also love the process to get there. We always want to be in close proximity to our clients vision and goals for their project.

We have been in the industry since 2008.

Kansas City BCycle
Added on 9/16/2020
BCycle is a 24/7 public bike share system for short trips. We have 41 stations serving Downtown, North Kansas City, Westport, the Country Club Plaza, KCAI and The Nelson-Atkins Museum, 18th & Vine Jazz District, and the Trolley Track Trail.

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