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RED DOOR EVENTS & CATERING offers amazing full service Catering and Craft Services for TV, Video, Film, and Commercial Productions. We are about elegance with a touch of home and comfort providing various menus to select from! Every bite you take brings back childhood memories of delicious homemade meals. We provide great tasting food that will satisfy all of your crew members including those who are vegan/vegetarian or gluten-free because a well-fed crew is a happy crew! Formally known as "Wishful Concepts Catering, LLC." relocating from Orlando Florida, Red Door Events & Catering continues to provide exceptional Atlanta catering services for its clients since 2004.

Looking for privates chefs for your talent? We got you covered! We provide private/personal chefs for film sets, this service has been a part of the company since Chef Samone graduated culinary school in 2004!

We service Greater Atlanta, Hiram, Dallas and Florida.

We have been in the industry since 2004.

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Chef Samone and her team went above and beyond, every moment of our event.
We were an NYC team working in Atlanta on a very tough event. The Red Door team became family almost instantly. The Red Door team knew everyone's name and preferences (100+ crew) by dinner on the second day. Chef Samone's menus and food felt like eating at home which was comforting while working so hard away from home.
The Red Door team was the first in and last out each day. They rose to every challenge we threw at them and never complained. Our crew got excited for every meal not only to eat, but to see Chef Samone and her team. The crew raved about each meal and dessert.
Hard workers, excellent food and genuinely good people.

Courtney Ford
Production Coordinator, Good Sense & Company


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