Rostam Sarvestani

Hollywood, California


About Me

I remember sitting in my family’s first apartment in Sweden watching my first favorite film at the age of six, it was a film called Home Alone. I was drawn into its world which was real for me, it was magic.
Growing up in Sweden as a Persian can be tough, you are a minority. If you don’t have a Swedish name, you will be put in the alien category. I remember being called names by the Swedish kids in kinder-garden. I remember the teachers not being able to give me an A because an alien couldn’t be better than a B. I was running out of options, how could you possibly succeed when you have no other choice than to fail?

But then it happened. My mother bought a Hi8 camera and I started to understand how to become a magician. I started filming home videos, small short films for myself and there was something that just triggered me and made me press that record button on the camera.

Now that I look back at that time I realize that you can’t put a grade on a person’s passion. You won’t be working hard, its other people that will perceive you as a hard worker. Making movies has always been the passion of my life, whether it’s editing until seven in the morning or being an assistant producer for 14 hours on set. The hours are only numbers.

I had the privilege to start working with Real Reel from the age of 20 as an assistant editor using Avid. The film got an Emmy nomination. After that I did all sorts of jobs behind the camera, from pre-production to post-production and I was constantly hungry for more. Now I am here in Los Angeles, ready to work, hungry for a challenge.

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