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I've been a Cinematographer and Director since 2008. I studied film formally at SCC, and I’ve worked on over 200 projects, large and small, over the past decade. I've created work in all genres - from commercial to art-house. I can operate with large crews and budgets, or be scrappy and resourceful with a limited budget when the need arises.

No matter what the budget or genre, my main interest is always storytelling from a collaborative place. This means that my cinematography supports the story first. All other considerations are secondary.


“Sam Graydon is a meticulous storyteller with a keen eye for the natural world. He uses available resources to find the best way to authentically and artfully represent your story on screen.”
— Ben Dobyns

“I have been fortunate enough to work with Sam on several projects. He is an amazing collaborator bringing an energy of calm focus even to spaces swirling with high stakes stress. His artistic standards are high and his work is absolutely beautiful. Hire him.”
— Samara Lerman

“Beyond my attraction to Sam’s impressive body of work, consistent professionalism, and artistic prowess, he’s just an all-around great persona to have on projects. His multi-faceted background in camera, directing, and producing allows him to bring a voice to the experience that is fluent to the point of indispensable. He’s never let us down. Not once. I have zero hesitation in placing him at the very top of my list when choosing collaborators.”
— Stefan Hajek

“Sam has been a close collaborator on my most artistically and commercially successful projects. He is a gifted storyteller who I can count on to ensure nothing slips between the cracks, all the gaps are filled, and other fissure-based metaphors. In short, I have never been disappointed when placing absolute trust in the quality of his work, and he and is a steadfast and professional presence in any creative team.”
— Gabriel Gonda

I have been in the industry since 2006.

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Cinematographer – Acer Laptop
March, 2020 — March, 2020
Commercial – Rational
Cinematographer – T-Mobile Unboxing
February, 2020 — February, 2020
Commercial – Vossler
Cinematographer – Wanted
January, 2020 — January, 2020
Music Video – Lerman
Camera Operator – Returning the Favor
January, 2019 — January, 2019
Television – Hudson Media
Camera Operator – Religion of Sports
January, 2019 — January, 2019
Television – Dirty Robber
Camera Operator – Say yes to the Dress
August, 2018 — August, 2018
Television – Half Yard
Cinematographer – Strowlers
February, 2018 — March, 2018
Short Film – Zombie Orpheus
Cinematographer – Behind the Build HGTV Dreamhome
January, 2018 — June, 2018
Television – HGTV

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