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Ballwin, Missouri

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As a musician and an audio engineer, I understand the importance of delivering a product in a timely manner that goes beyond the the industry-wide standard that is expected. Many of the projects and performances I've been a part of in the past five years are one-shot opportunities - no redo's, no editing, and no time to waste.

I am accustomed to working in a fast-paced environment with a reliable team. As first engineer on many orchestral, big band, and operatic performances - many of which being live-feeds - I know the pressures that fall on a first engineer - you have to be the first person to respond to any technical problem.

As a musician, I intimately understand the dynamics of working in a team for years at a time. A single person not doing their job can affect the outcome of a performance; the collective mindset of the team can affect the way an audience perceives the group. As a distinguished musician, I understand the importance of using your individual strengths to add to the performance; I also understand when to listen and let others guide the direction of the music.

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