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Santa Barbara, California


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OLD: Accomplished, adept, aged, enduring, experienced, knowledgeable, lasting, mature, practiced, proficient, rational, sagacious, seasoned, sensible, traditional, venerable, veteran, wise...
DOG: Able, adaptable, caring, dogged, eager, earnest, faithful, firm, friendly, honest, lovable, loyal, obedient, reliable, sensitive, steadfast, trainable, tenacious, trustworthy...
U.S./Aussie Writer-producer with extensive and varied background in TV/Video production. Developed, wrote, produced and hosted pilot of weekly Australian News video-magazine program. Several full-length screenplays and TV ideas ready to go. I think "OUTSIDE THE BOX" & thrive in a creative atmosphere! Strong writing skills...enjoy research, and maintain impeccable attention to minutiae and facts. I also have a neat old 1959 English Ford Thames "Woodie" wagon available for rent for film/TV/commercials/ photo shoots, etc. Very unusual & special! Rate card available. Seeking employment in a capacity which will best utilize my unique talents and Encyclopedic knowledge of old movies: I'm not cheap - but I promise, you will get your money's worth! - sample video available on request.

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