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My role as Multimedia Producer/Designer allows me to be involved in all video/photography aspects of my work. I produce, direct, shoot, edit and do voice over recordings on top of helping in the writing and creative from the initial kickoff. My passion for directing comes from my Theatre background and my ability to read a script and "see" the video from beginning to end comes from my work in 8 feature films. I also enjoy working with non-professional talent and pulling from them the best reading/performance I can.

My video work has taken me to Cancun and Playa Del Carmen in Mexico, Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic, Montego Bay and Negril in Jamaica, as well as Great Exhuma in the Bahamas and multiple locations in the US. I love to travel and have developed a very small yet high quality shooting kit that travels well and can bring home the hero shots.

While on location shooting video, it is almost impossible for me NOT to take photo's, so I have the ability to shoot high resolution stills that add value to the whole shoot process.

I have been in the industry since 1983.

PotteeMouth Tees
Added on 11/6/2018

This video is a promotion and introduction of a new venture by a local Minnesota artist.


Production Designer – The Adventures of Velvet Prozak

September, 2018 — October, 2018
Short Film – 33 Productions

Producer, 1st AD – R4CH43L

April, 2018 — May, 2018
Short Film – Now What Productions

Work with Cory Shubert

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