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We produce high quality videos to promote your Bar, Restaurant, Resort and Entertainment business.
Our marketing videos invite new customers to your establishment by creating a memorable video story that intrigues and entertains the viewer.
With over 40 years for storytelling and media promotion experience, our writers, producers and marketing specialists know how to target a audience looking for your services.
Our set lighting techniques and use of multiple Sony High Definition Cameras, produces a three minute broadcast quality video to capture the viewers attention.
We use state-of-art studio editing equipment and special effects to add that "Million Dollar" look to your video production.
Let us create a Marketing Video for you, that looks more like a Movie than a Commercial. We Create it, Produce it and Promote it on Radio, TV, Print and the Web. We are a full service Video Production Company.

We have been in the industry since 2004.

Added on 4/16/2020
We know how to make a Professional Video: Lifestyles creates an interesting story of places you can visit to have fun. Good storytelling is an essential marketing technique. Stories must intrigue, lure and inspire you into thinking . The best stories use sight and sound to create a strong emotional appeal. It's the emotional connection that makes the story memorable. Build-in Interest and Conversion We specialize in marketing services, not products. By building visual interest into the story, the viewer is better engaged and interested in what you offer. Since most viewers will not order your services on-line or by phone, the video must be memorable. They must drive to your business to enjoy what you have to offer.

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