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New York, New York

About Me

I am very passionate about filmmaking in general but cinematography really lights my fire. I have been shooting for 15+ years now on different digital formats for feature films, music videos, corporate, and commercials. My background is 3D and VFX so I can also communicate easily with a VFX group for maximum efficiency. I fell in love with cinematography as I started to learn to compose shots in 3D. This led me to purchasing my first video camera to do live action composites with.

As a noob, I didn't know how the camera worked at all so I joined a tech forum for that camera (DVXuser.com). Slowly it became a film making community/forum with contests held every 3 months. Out of these contests my love for film flourished and I was able to create a few shorts that won Scifi/Sundance channel's "Exposure" contest and IFC channel's short film contest. As the years went on and technology changed I made sure to keep on the cutting edge of it all to keep me relevant. I am co-owner of a production company (urbanmouse.com) and we have been together for 10 years and growing. We started with the DVX100 and rode the wave of digital film making up to our current RED cameras and all LED grip and lighting truck. We also do post work with editing and small VFX.

I'm easy to get along with as is with all my crew I have been working with all these years. I am never "set in my ways" about anything. I believe open minds create the best product and create the best working environment. Can be really detailed and meticulous or just go with the flow when needed. Been in situations where I have had everything planned to a T and the director changed everything up when we got there and shot on the fly. Whatever makes sense and works is the best way.

I have a full RED WEAPON and Komodo package with ZEISS Otus/ZF, Sigma lenses and just added Pictor Zooms to the mix and loving them so far. Included is wireless monitoring for a small footprint/mobility and a Movi Pro for gimble work. I also have an all LED G&E van that can be included into a turnkey package.

Give me a shout whether your budget is big or small, I'm sure we can work something out.

DP reel
Added on 6/7/2021
An older reel but have a new one coming soon.

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