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John grew up on movie sets and always knew that camera department in some form is what he was going to do indefinitely. Camera department has been his calling for the last 19 years and all started as a camera P.A., loader (film and digital), 2nd AC, 1st AC, and now Steadicam. Slowly working his way up to mastering each and every job to be the best at what he does.

John has been working with some top tier professionals in the industry in his career and has taken the experience from being able to work along side of them on his own journey to make him the professional he is today.

John’s experience includes feature films, IMAX feature films, episodic television, documentaries, commercials, shorts and underwater projects.

All of these years John has complied a wealth of knowledge with different systems, Steadicam, cranes, handheld, gimbal rigs, underwater housings rigs, and is a certified advanced open water diver and has completed underwater operator training with courses with Hydroflex.


• Panavision Platinum
• Panavision Platinum Lightweight
• Arricam, Arri III, Arri 435, BL-4
• IMAX / 9802 70MM
• Arri 16mm: SR II, SR III


• ARRI, Alexa, Mini, Amira
• Black Magic
• Canon 5D/7D
• Go Pro
• Panavision/Sony 24p HD
• Panasonic Varicam24p HD
• Panasonic HVX 900
• RED Camera
• Sony Venice
• Sony EX1/EX3
• Sony F-23
• Sony F-900

I have been in the industry since 2001.

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