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Subtropolis Film Partners is a newly formed, privately owned and operated, Independent Motion Picture Development and Production Company established in April 2008. The driving force behind this filmed entertainment production is Bob Teske an independent feature film producer and a screenplay writer.

At Subtropolis Film Partners we want to bring together investors to participate in the development and financing of Hollywood made, and outside of Hollywood, motion pictures. Until recently, the industry has been controlled by the major studios, making investment opportunities in individual films generally unavailable to the public. But due to the increased demand for American made films worldwide and the development of new markets including network, pay and cable television, videocassette and video disc market, there is a tremendous shortfall of quality product. The growth of all these markets has created a demand, which cannot be met by the studios alone. These major studios and distribution companies now rely on independently financed films to fill this void.

Although the major studios have large budgets, many have had a careless attitude towards spending which has resulted in budget waste and cost overruns. "Bigger" is not always "better". Facts show that an independent film can be produced for less than fifty million dollars and still not sacrifice quality production values. This is possible today when new production technology is coupled with a no frills, back to basics business attitude. We believe this business methodology creates an investment that is second to none.

To potential investors: Subtropolis Film Partners welcomes you to the exciting world of feature length films. As an investor, you will have the opportunity to take part in this highly unique investment vehicle, which may have unlimited profit potential.

We have been in the industry since 1995.

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