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Founded in 2015 and led by the award-winning creative team of Miranda Winters and Rocky Romano, Los Angeles based Winters Rock Entertainment (WRE) is a leading producer of 4K/High Dynamic Range (HDR) content. The team at WRE are proven pioneers in Ultra High Definition (UHD) content production having produced over 130 UHD episodes of television for top tier networks around the world. WRE’s team recently produced 5 UHD series for one of the world’s first UHD networks: InsightTV, including the world’s first true 4K HLG HDR adventure reality show (The 30//10 Challenge). In conjunction with AMG Mercedes Benz, the team at WRE also produced one of the first 4K/HDR documentaries (Red Chargers) available on DirecTV’s flagship UHD platform. The creative duo, along with their Director of Photography Alexey Orlov, specialize in taking audiences on an unparalleled experience through compelling storytelling, coupled with stunning cinematography.

Their projects include scripted films and television shows, doc-reality television and documentary films. Their work has been featured on HBO, ABC, NBC, ESPN, RTL, SKY, FOX, Outside TV, Insight, DirecTV, and 20th Century Fox.

Winters Rock Entertainment’s Business Development team is lead by Robert Martin, and is focused on the transition to producing state of the art UHD 360 content platforms that can be integrated with proprietary data and analytics platforms. Robert is an entrepreneur with a background in clean energy financing, software development, data driven marketing and analytics. Along with Michael Hollister, an experienced entrepreneur and attorney specializing in commercial and licensing law, the Winters Rock development team creates and implements future-proof solutions for the constantly changing content frontier

We have been in the industry since 2007.

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