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I am Thomas Bergamini and I am an editor/designer in New York City. Currently I am the assistant editor at Shilo(2012-current).

I work on all aspects of the production from pitches to final delivery. Along the way I'll make selects for senior editors, prepare edits for color correct and audio mix, put together final conform, work on sound design, and work with compositors and animators creating final assets.

For the past few years I have worked as an editor and motiongraphic designer in NYC. I finished my Masters Degree in Digital Media from Drexel University, specializing in 3D animation/compositing (2011).

Before Shilo I worked at CHARLEX (2011-2012) as an assistant editor. I was able to work with producers, editors, artists, on a wide range of work. At this position I expanded my knowledge of Final Cut and even operated a Flame/Smoke work under the guidance of very talented artists.

Prior to Charlex I worked at NewsCastUS (2011) editing corporate/PR video, web design, as well as working on set during shoots.

I have been in the industry since 2010.

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