About Me

With nearly ten years of experience working in the Entertainment Industry, I am an adept and capable Producer/Coordinator. For two years, I worked with the Fox Sports promo team creating thousands of video advertisements for their events, which were then aired on broadcast television, cable television, Times Square closed circuit television, and sports centers Jumbo Tron televisions. Additionally, I've worked in casting for the Conlin Company, Google, Who Wants to be a Millionaire; and as a Talent Director for William Morris Endeavor. For Indigo Pictures, I Line Produced, cast, location scout and managed, and coordinated their sophmore film Pull- which had a six figure budget and secured distribution through online media distributers such as Amazon Prime. I'm incredibly detail oriented and organized. I'm a 'go getter' that will do everything within my capabilities to give you the product you want, at the budget I've been given, and in the time frame you have set.

I have been in the industry since 2009.

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