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New Orleans, Louisiana

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Specializing in Location Sound (TV, Podcast) & Video Pro works for hire (Videography, DP).
Julius A. Evans, is a Broadcast TV-Creative Professional, dba as Red Clay Productions, Inc. "The Real Deal"

NO INTERNET SERVICE REQUIRED! We've got the Live U Solo Livestream Encoder with LRT!
For companies and organizations looking to simply provide a stream of content to their groups and communities via a professional livestream without having to deal with the high cost and unreliable internet connections being offered by hotels and conference centers, our Live U Solo LRT solution is your answer. Just give us your SDI or HDMI program feed and we'll do the rest. Prices start at $650 per two-hour session or $1,500 per eight-hour day.

*Professional Location Sound Recordist with gear: Mixer-Recorder, Wireless Mics, Boom Mic. TC Sync Box.
*Broadcast Quality Videography for Single Camera Interviews and B-Roll Capture featuring the Sony a7sIII.
*Single Camera Location livestreaming featuring the Live U Solo w/LRT & Vimeo Premium Livestream CMP, VMIX & Tri-Caster Mini SDI production switchers.

Julius A. Evans, is an Independent Contractor-Creative Professional, for Broadcast TV, Corporate Video, and Online Productions. He is available to work cost-effectively in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Central Florida

My Skills!
Production Sound Mixer, operating a sound devices 664 mixer with integrated ISO recording, four Lectrosonics Digital Hybrid wireless microphone systems, a Sennheiser MKH-416 boom, three Lectrosonics IFBR1b IFB/Cam links, and two Denecke sb-1 compact timecode sync boxes. https://www.imdb.com/find?q=Julius+evans&ref_=nv_sr_sm

Videographer-Filmmaker, operating a Sony a7siii. Lenses; Sony 24-105, Zeiss 16-25, Zeiss 70-200 f4's

Virtual Productions & Livestream Producer, Vmix production software, LiveU Solo with LRT, Tri-caster mini SDI.

Video Editor, Adobe Premiere.

Location Podcast Producer-Recordist, with five sound devices mix pre 6 systems, broadcast headsets.

Adobe Audition Editor.

Julius A. Evans is an industry professional with years of experience in broadcast television and corporate productions. I am an owner operator, not an agency.

Please email me or call to get your quote.

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Television – https://www.imdb.com/find?q=Julius+evans&ref_=nv_sr_sm

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