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About Us

Voice over & dubbing in all languages

In today's fast-moving marketplace, the timely and accurate management of your translation and multilingual voice over projects is vital. And so is cost-effectiveness.

We are a group of industry professionals who have listened to their clients and created a fully integrated localisation service that offers a one-stop-shop service for translations and voice-overs all from the same company.

We deliver high quality translations with a comprehensive multilingual voice-over and dubbing service in 80 world languages at our own studios

Get the best
All our translators must be able to prove at least five years experience in the industry and demonstrate pro-level proficiency in industry-standard software.

Cost-efficient Voice Overs
Our voice artists are highly experienced pros, many of whom have their own pro-level studios which helps to keep your costs down.

Set your standards high
Our system uses rigorous Quality Control processes to monitor quality and precision throughout every stage of your project – from preparing source text for translation, selecting translators, helping you choose the right voice and recording audio in any format you need, confoming and editing to mpg, mov or other video fomat. Speak to us, we're here to help!

We have been in the industry since 2002.

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