The Sound Department/ Terry Thomas

Salt Lake City, Utah


About Me

Rental of film production sound equipment. Packages & ala-cart.
Sound Devices recorders 633, 788 with Wingman & CL-WiFi. Zoom F8, H4n, H6.
Time Code devices: Denecke TS-3 smart slate, SB-4, SB-3, SB-T, Tentacle, Betso Smart Slate w/ TCX-2 wireless TC generators. Time Code specialty cables (camera specific).
Shot Gun Mics: Scheops CMIT-5U, CMC-641, Senn 416 + many more.
Boom Poles: A variety of KTek poles
Blimps / Windscreens / Shockmounts
Wireless: Lectrosonics, Sennheiser
IFB: Lectrosonics & Comtek
Bag power options, BDS, IDX NP-L7/chargers, Remote Audio Hi-Q batts/charger
Assorted useful adaptor cable
Radios/Walkie Talkies

Available for field recording with sound package.

I have been in the industry since 1998.

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