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Director/Producer of Broadcast, Streaming, Cable, Theatrically. Multi-camera and single camera, film or tape.Live & live-on-tape. Comedy and Music(opera - 60 titles, jazz and rock), Theatrical, PBS, ABC, NBC, Discovery Channel, BBC, Showtime, Animal Planet, E, HGTV and Warner Bros. Corporate: Google, Air-BnB, Stanley Morgan, Apple, Oracle, Bank of America, Hewlett Packard, Cisco, Eli Lily, Genetech, University of California San Francisco, and The National Tuberculosis Center.

Frank Zamacona - Reality comedy reel
Added on 7/4/2019
From : 1) HGTV - What's up with That House 2) Mal Sharpe - 3 segments, Public TV, Discovery and BBC 3) HGTV - Over Your Head

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