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Videssence originated cool, energy efficient fluorescent lighting for television, HDTV, studio, ENG, mobile media and corporate video conferencing. We manufacture a variety of fixed and portable lighting fixtures that can be purchased individually or packaged as part of a full lighting 'system'. With the largest offering of fluorescent studio fixtures in the world, numerous models are available for all lighting design needs from Key, Fill, and Back Lighting to beautiful, evenly lit Chromakey areas. Additionally, we offer a diverse assortment of lighting kits in a wide range of weights and endurance levels, from "Light Weight" to "Airline Flight Weight."

Cine Gear 2012: Videssence Interview
Added on 6/11/2012
This interview with Gary Thomas, National Sales Manager for Videssence, features a 25W LED fixture light, a 100W LED fixture light, and a "9 Light" which contains 9 25W LED fixtures. All of these lights were featured by Videssence at Cine Gear 2012.

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