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Founded by Chad O’Connor, pioneering fluid head and tripod innovator, OConnor, a Vitec Group brand, adds the new O-Box WM to their growing line of professional camera lens accessories for creative cinematography.

This innovative two-stage wide-angle mattebox is designed around the 16:9 format full-size sensor. Compact, it accommodates lenses up to 18mm (some wider). It adeptly accepts up to three filters: two in top-loading filter frames (two each 4x4” & 4x5.65” frames included). The rear frame is rotatable 360 degrees. A third 138mm round filter fits in the bellows. The O-Box WM is the first commercially produced mattebox to have integrated handgrip interfaces.

Built for versatility and compatibility, the CFF-1 Cine Follow Focus features modular construction which eliminates juggling separate bridgeplates. It has the lowest clearance available in a double-sided studio unit, and sports a large diameter lens-friendly design. Another innovation in the line are the O-Grip Handgrips for popular cameras -- featuring single-handle ball joints with high-load capacity and a rod bridge that fits all 3 standard sizes. Each adjustable module is stackable and can be clamped in a full hemisphere. Wait until you see the other exciting additions.

For OConnor’s legendary cine style support check out the new 2065 Fluid Head, designed for cameras like RED One, SONY F35, and ARRI Alexa. Loaded with OConnor’s popular features and controls like stepless, ultra-smooth pan & tilt fluid drag it delivers ultimate control and stability. The patented sinusoidal counterbalance provides, accurate balance at any tilt range point.

OConnor - NAB 2015
Added on 5/12/2015
An interview from the 2015 National Association of Broadcasters Convention in Las Vegas with Danna Kinsky at the OConnor booth. OConnor has been the choice of professional cinematographers since the invention of the fluid head 60 years ago by founder Chad O’Connor. OConnor’s award-winning fluid heads are known for their smooth feel, fluid movement and intuitive control. Designed for film-style shooting, each facilitates seamless transition when changing payloads and offers stepless, ultra-smooth pan & tilt fluid drag for maximum control. In addition to fluid heads and tripods, OConnor offers a growing line of camera and lens accessories engineered to fill the needs of today’s fast-paced camera work. In this interview Danna talks with us about the new O-Rig 15mm Rod Support System. The versatile, hand-held support rig is perfectly suited to the a la carte configurations of today’s accessorized digital cinematography. The O-Rig is designed to work with any camera/lens combination in 15mm LWS (Light Weight Support) configuration, including the latest offerings from Sony, Canon, Nikon, ARRI, AJA, JVC, Panasonic, Vision Research and RED. OConnor’s O-Rig is camera and lens agnostic, providing cinematographers maximum flexibility. Its new, proprietary universal baseplate enables quick and easy camera and lens changes. A height adaptor offers cover for all camera bodies, providing rotation of wide-angle filters, and increasing the lens coverage of OConnor’s O-Focus follow focus unit. Uniquely crafted to deliver superior ergonomic performance, the O-Rig also allows users to effortlessly move from shoulder mount to tripod and back again. The O-Rig system is housed in a robust Storm Case, fitted with custom-cut, high-density foam. Each kit includes: an award-winning O-Grips handgrip system; an infinitely adjustable offset adaptor, which allows users to easily reposition camera viewfinders and provides comfort adjustments for shoulder pads; and a shoulder pad with hand-stitched leather construction and aluminum detailing, giving versatile positioning of rods through pad for optimizing counterweight, camera balancing, and body ergonomics. Individual elements within the O-Rig kit will also be available, and are compatible with other 15mm LWS accessories. For more information please visit: http://www.OCon.com

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