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Maximizing creativity and innovation with efficiency has shaped 3dBOB Productions since its 1999 debut. Bob Arvin, founder of 3dBOB, developed his niche in delivering complex work with greater efficiency after working for larger shops. The combination of his creative and analytical skills led to the development of a full-service animation studio featuring unique character skills.

3dBOB is positioned for projects ranging from replacing graphics to producing a 45-minute animation video. The highly-skilled team of 3dBOB takes a proactive approach requiring minimal direction to create memorable story lines and visuals.

Cost-effective tools and accessible technology have leveled the playing field. 3dBOB sets itself apart with its creative contribution to a client’s project. Client requests come in all shapes and sizes; a sketch on a notepad or perhaps, a brief conversation. Budgets vary. A story may be unfinished. The team at 3dBOB can produce a showpiece taking these elements into consideration and defying their expectations.

Balancing the creative with the technical has secured a solid reputation among clients. Performance has earned their trust. Delivering unexpected results has encouraged them to return.

The artists, writers and producers of 3dBOB gained early recognition within the entertainment industry by creating visually-entertaining work. Now celebrating their seventh anniversary in a young industry, 3dBOB offers an enviable breadth of experience and creative talent to the film, broadcast and advertising industries.

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