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As cinematographer and videographer, Christopher Robson has employed a variety of techniques which have made some very unique visual effects possible. His keen eye and highly developed sense of design have added immeasurably to the wide variety of projects he has undertaken. Some of the commercial clients he has worked for include: Apple Computer, Bechtel Group, British Broadcasting Corporation, Charles Schwab, Chevron, Cisco Systems, Coca- Cola, Crocker Bank, Ford, Austrian Television, Hewlett Packard, Jack Daniel's Whiskey, Korbel, Macy's, Motorola, Oracle, Pacific Bell, Peterbilt, PG & E, Suzuki, Wells Fargo Bank, Yorkshire Television and many more. He has received countless awards from various entities over the years.

He has performed as a Director/Cameraman, Director of Photography and Editor in many subject areas in educatlon, industry, science and technology and particularly in the areas of ecology and conservation.

Christopher labored, lovingly, on the cinematography of a film on insect physiology and behaviour for two years when employed by Bravura Films of San Francisco. (Henry Fonda narrated the film.) Entitled "Insects -Secrets of an Alien World", Chris's inspired work netted the film dozens of worldwide awards including the Audubon Society first place award for Conservation and Ecology. His efforts won prestigious awards as bestowed by the Cannes Film Festival, the Trieste Film Festival, the Czechoslovakian Film Festival, the Hungarian Film Festival and the American Film Festival.

The British Broadcasting Corporation presented the film to over 40 million television viewers and as a resu1t of its success, due to his special ability as a patient and technically astute "macro" cinematographer, called upon him to photograph intricate portions of "Living Planet", the beautiful series seen on American television hosted by David Attenborough, as well as other fine programs on American, Swiss and Austrian television. He developed a wide variety of techniques in order to render wildlife as it would appear without the intrusion of camera or cameraman.

Christopher was awarded the privilege of four years of an Art/Graphic Design & Photography course at the well known Hornsey College of Art in London where he received a Diploma in Art & Design (First Class Honours). This lead to the opportunity of becoming a student at the renowned Royal College of Art, Film and Television School in Kensington, London. The three year course gained him a Master of Arts (RCA) degree.

With these credentials to his name, Christopher was invited to the USA from England to teach filmmaking as a 'visiting professor' at the Minneapolis College of Art & Design working alongside famous people such as Roman Polanski and the famous sculptor, Isamu Noguchi. He remained there for two years teaching classes in film productlon and film aesthetics.

Chris has been living in the San Francisco Bay area for 25 years. He brings a fine eye and a keen wit to any project.

The latest four-episode television documentary he shot is called "20 Years on Death Row", produced by Pernel Media, Paris, and is currently distributed by BBC Worldwide and is showing on UKTV-Really Channel and on French Television - 13eme Rue. Soon to be showing on a channel in the US near you!

I have been in the industry since 1980.

20 Years on Death Row
Added on 5/17/2018
In June 1996, long-distance truck driver Keith Doolin was sentenced to death for two murders and four attempted murders on six female sex workers. But, with a defence attorney who was later disbarred, and a key witness later convicted of murder, did Doolin get a fair trial? This brand new and exclusive four-part series follows Doolin's case from start to finish, examining the victims, the police and legal players, as well as Doolin himself, who has always maintained his innocence. New evidence has come to light that might help overturn the conviction, but time is running out for the man who has spent 20 years on San Quentin State Prison’s death row.


Director of Photography – 20 Years on Death Row

November, 2016 — April, 2017
Television – Pernel Media, Paris

Director ofPhotography – BUILDING THE NEXT STAGE

April, 2010 — May, 2010
Corporate – Wells Fargo

Director of Photography – A Change of Heart

August, 2009 — October, 2009
Other – Criswell and Associates

Director of Photography – EVIDENCE OF A DREAM

January, 1997 — May, 1998

Director of Photography – The Living Planet: A Portrait of the Earth

January, 1993 — January, 1994
Television – British Broadcasting Corporation

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