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* VIDEO STUDIO-Camera, Sound & Teleprompter/Interrotron owner/Op, Streaming, "Presidential" & Camera Teleprompters-Op in San Diego. Award-winning Producer & Editor since 1982 (619-644-3000)! Work at San Diego California's best video production company CRYSTAL PYRAMID PRODUCTIONS(STUDIO, Crew & Equipment) since 1981, producing Corporate Video & Film, Television Segments, Corporate Videos, Documentaries, etc. * SOUND/CAMERA TECHNICIAN, EDITOR, VOICE OVER & TELEPROMPTER operator (Live events with Presidential system, etc.)* COVID-19 Compliant/Certified*CLIENTS- The video production team at Crystal Pyramid Productions has worked with thousands of happy clients including MasterCard, IBM, Dreamworks, Comic-con, Fox, Discovery Channel, History Channel, the Veterans Administration, Extra!, Inside Edition and many others. Some of our latest projects include Presidential teleprompting for Chris Rock and the CEO of Orora's President's Club; an indie film called "Woke: Choice Words From My Mother" that is making the film-fest circuit, is officially selected by four and an award winner in two; and providing crew and gear to local hotel properties for large events. Yay! Large events are back!

*We specialize in Interviews of CEOs, Leaders, Scientists & Innovators, Athletes and Celebrities, using Green screen or natural backdrops on location or in-home studio. We are great at helping non-professional talent relax in front of the camera and make sure your video shines with beautiful lighting & sound and even operating a teleprompter at the same time (saves $$$). I have elicited great sound bites from A-Listers like Charlize Theron, Hilary Swank, Owen Wilson, Lucy Liu, Jimmie Johnson & many others. I regularly go out as an Audio technician with top equipment specializing in interviews and boom pole operation and can run both 17" teleprompters or produce segments at the same time if needed.

I've been a story-teller ever since I was the big sister to my five siblings and entertained them with a flashlight in the bedroom closet, casting shadows on the walls with my hands. I observed how my mother filmed important moments of our family's life with a camera that my dad won from selling the most cars one year at Chrysler. When my parents gave me a Hawkeye Brownie for my birthday one year, my path was set.

For the past 40 years, as Vice President of San Diego's longest-serving video production company, Crystal Pyramid Productions, I've honed my skills in all the roles necessary to produce a film. Camera Operator, Sound Op, Boom Pole Op, Teleprompter Op, Presidential Teleprompter Op, Writer, Editor, Voice Over and sometimes Talent. A tired old adage is now turned on its head: "Jane of all trades and master of all."

Here's what we can do for you here at Crystal Pyramid Productions.

* VIDEO EDITOR & Voice Over Talent (Award-winning since 1983)
I've won multiple awards for my work over the decades as an Adobe Premiere Pro editor. I'm lightning-fast on the keyboard and have done many voice overs for projects I've edited, as well.

I write scripts for corporate and industrial video productions, and I blog at Diary of a San Diego Video Crew and World Traveler Reviews. I also manage our social media accounts at Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Instagram.

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2022 - Award Winner, "Woke: Choice Words From My Mother," MoviePlay International Film Festival
2022 - Award Winner, "Woke: Choice Words From My Mother," Indiefare International Film Festival
2022 - Celebrating Women Finalist, San Diego Magazine
2022 - Winner San Diego Awards in the category of Video Production Service
2021 - Silver Telly Award for "Cultural Resources Awareness Training Video" Producer/Editor
2019 - Woman of the year honoree San Diego Magazine
2019 - Best Video Production Company 2019 - United States - Global Business Insight Awards
2018 - Best Instructional Video Producer - AI Global awards
2017 - Women who move the city honoree-San Diego Magazine
2016 - ProductionHub Highlights Powerful Women in the Video Production Industry - https://www.productionhub.com/blog/post/productionhub-highlights-powerful-women-in-the-production-industry
2016 - The ProductionHub Pro 100 List - https://www.productionhub.com/blog/post/productionhub-presents-2016-pro100-winners
2016 - Who's Who in America
2015 - Who's Who in the World
2014 - 100 Who's Who Among Women in E-Commerce
2013 - San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce "Small Business Award for Most Innovative Company"
2013 - "Women Who Mean Business Award"
2011 - "Inaugural Heilbron Award"
2009 - "Gold Aurora Award" for "The Invisible Ones: Homeless Combat Veterans"
2008 - TWIN "Tribute to Women in Industry" Award
2005 - "Women Who Mean Business Award"
2010 - "101 Top Women Bloggers to Watch"
2009 - "Gold Aurora Award" for "The Invisible Ones: Homeless Combat Veterans"
1999 - "Top 100 Producers Award"
1998 - "Top 100 Producers Award"
And many additional awards for video production and editing since 1983
IMDB-You can look me up at the Internet Movie Data Base - http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1684486/
COVID-19 Compliant/Certified ! Call NOW : 619-644-3000 :)

I have been in the industry since 1982.


Sound Tech & BoomPole Op – Super Glue Commercial
January, 2020 — January, 2020
Corporate – Russell John Films
Editor – Prudential Videos
May, 2019 — May, 2019
Corporate – Vario
Audio Engineer – Easter Seals
September, 2019 — September, 2019
Short Film – TeamPeople
Editor & Still Photographer – Cannabis Nurses Network Conference
February, 2019 — April, 2019
Live Event – CNNC
Sound Recordist – Dr. Disrespect
January, 2019 — January, 2019
Commercial – SparkD Studios
Camera Operator – Palm Springs Dog Show
January, 2019 — January, 2019
Live Event – B Live LLC
Teleprompter Operator – various
January, 2019 — current
Corporate – Sempra Energy
Sound Technician & Boom Pole Op – Jason Mraz - Love Is Still the Answer
July, 2018 — July, 2018
Television – Entertainment Tonight
Producer & Editor – Ozo Kidz
January, 2018 — March, 2019
Music Video – Ozomatli
Sound Technician – Earliest Americans
August, 2017 — August, 2017
Feature – Birman Productions
Sound Technician – Happy Days Mom Marion Ross re: Death of Erin Moran
April, 2017 — April, 2017
Television – Inside Edition
Sound Technician & Boom Pole Operator – "Love and War" Brad Paisley & John Fogerty
April, 2017 — April, 2017
Television – Entertainment Tonight
Sound Technician & Boom Pole Operator – Swept Away
February, 2017 — February, 2017
Television – Inside Edition
Sound Technician – Dexcom Shoot
January, 2017 — January, 2017
Corporate – Allison + Partners
Producer & Editor – Cannabis the Story
December, 2016 — current
Feature – Nectarball
Sound Mixer & Boom Pole Operator – FIT Teaching Video
October, 2016 — October, 2016
Corporate – ASCD
Editor – Sycamore Landfill Liner Video & Timelapse Videos
July, 2016 — August, 2016
Corporate – Republic
Sound Mixer & Boom Pole Operator – Architect & Home Builder Interviews
July, 2016 — July, 2016
Corporate – Houzz
Teleprompter Operator – Justin Timberlake & Anna Kendrick Comic-Con Greeting
July, 2016 — July, 2016
Commercial – Hurwitz Creative
Sound Mixer & Boom Pole Operator – Designated Survivor Comic Con Shoot
July, 2016 — July, 2016
Online – ABC Entertainment
Camera Operator – Colonel Sanders B-Roll, San Diego Comic Con
July, 2016 — July, 2016
Online – Associated Press
Producer – The Insider Her Universe Fashion Show Shoot
July, 2016 — July, 2016
Television – The Insider / Entertainment Tonight
Editor – Aladdin Compliance Green Screen Video
April, 2016 — August, 2016
Corporate – Parinello Inc.
Teleprompter Operator – Cinderella Thank You Spot with Lili Palmer
July, 2015 — July, 2015
Online – Blue Giant TV
Sound Mixer & Boom Pole Operator – Dr. Who Interview
July, 2015 — July, 2015
Online – BBC Worldwide


Patty is the best at whatever she does as she has been since 1982.
Whether she is on camera, sound and teleprompter to producer during an interview and she makes everyone feel good on set.
Mark Schulze CEO and DP at Crystal Pyramid Productions

I found working with Mark and Patty to be a real pleasure. They were always flexible, cheerful, and innovative. They continually “went the extra mile” to ensure we got the best possible footage for our project.
Simone F.
An International Non-profit Corporation

Mark and Patty are hands down two of the best videographers I've had the pleasure of working with. They made very efficient use of time and helped make it an extremely fun experience for the whole team.

The level of skill and dedication to getting the right angle, perfect lighting, and making sure that we had ample takes to provide editing a lot of options to choose from helped ease any concerns that we may have had. When it was all done and said, I thought we did a great job of capturing our company culture and they are officially extended members of the ICM and TCG family!

I look forward to working with Crystal Pyramid again very soon and recommend them to everyone. Thanks again for a wonderful experience!

-Sean Shahrokhi
Director of Communications and PR at The Control Group

Patty is the best and is fun to work with !

Crystal Pyramid Productions/Mark Schulze

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