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Making motion pictures demands two kinds of lighting — hard and soft. Here at Kino Flo Inc., we specialize in providing easily attainable soft light — similar to what you’d find when sunshine reflects off a white wall, or when a candle shines brightly through a paper lantern.

Before the advent of Kino Flo’s movie-friendly fluorescents, getting soft lighting was complicated — and costly. To achieve it, DP’s had to bounce hard light off a large surface. Film crews were forced to use cutters, flags and scrims — and consume a lot of set space.

Kino Flo Expands Color Control Features To Their Celeb LED's at Cine Gear Expo 2017
Added on 6/16/2017
An interview from the 2017 Cine Gear Expo at Paramount Studios in Los Angeles with Frieder Hochheim of Kino Flo Lighting Systems. Kino Flo is a manufacturer and designer of fluorescent lighting equipment for film, video, TV broadcast and digital imaging productions. In this interview Frieder talks with us about the upgraded Celeb Family of Softlights, receiving expanded Kelvin color temperature range, and full Green/Magenta, Cinema Gel, Hue/Saturation and RGB color control features. The Celeb 850 and all Celebs come complete with a variable 2500K to 9900K correlated color temperature, full Green/Magenta correction, Cinema Gel color presets, Hue/Saturation selection, and dial-in RGB. Celebs' built-in solid state electronics can be operated remotely via wireless DMX control boards or through standard DMX connections. Even after five years of continuous operation on feature film and television episodic production sets, every Celeb batch has remained true to their color rendering and lumen specifications. The passive-cooled fixtures do not overheat the LED's, so--no heat sink fins or whirling fans. Celeb technology achieves bright, soft light with continuous dimming from 100% to 0% on a linear or square curve without flicker at high camera speeds or at varied shutter angles. There is no light level change when shifting from 2500K to 9900K , and the color doesn't change when the light levels rise or fall. The onboard controller's interface makes it easy to bridge the gap between what a user knows and doesn't know about operating the Celeb 850. Kino Flo's unique push-button and scrolling system makes it intuitive for users to navigate the menu of choices, including Dimming, Kelvin, Green/Magenta, Hue/Saturation, and RGB vales, plus LumenRadio® wireless DMX linking, DMX addressing, 8-bit and 16-bit dimming, Menu screen rotation, and a other important selections. Kino Flo Lighting Systems has added another layer of light control re nement with a pair of new softbox products tailor-made for Select LED and Diva-Lite LED fixtures. DoPchoice® of Munich has created the Snapbag and the Snapgrid light controls that mount snuggly and easily on Kino Flo’s portable LED softlights. No special mounting rings or extra mounting accessories are required. The Snapgrid louver, a featherweight fabric butter y, attaches to the front of the softbox to control the spread of light without black ags or cutters. The award-winning DoPchoice softboxes and fabric grids earn kudos from gaffers and cinematographers for their compact, portable and durable designs. For more information please visit:

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